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Holy Family - Nativity Guardian Angel - Little Girl Guardian Angel - Little Boy St. Francis of Assisi


Tree of Life The Resurrection Angel The Holy Spirit Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Gaudalupe Kazanshaya Icon Blue Resurrection Victorious The Last Supper

Monastery Nativity The Flight into Egypt Holy Spirit Tableau Divine Mercy

Stock No. Design Appx size
GM1201 The Holy Family - Nativity 7 X 7" tableau
GM1202 Guardian Angel - Little Girl 6.5" roundel
GM1204 Guardian Angel - Little Boy 6.5" roundel
GM1203 St. Francis of Assisi 7 x 9" tableau
GM1010 Tree of Life 9.25 x 13.25" tableau
GM1011 Resurrection Angel 8.5 x 12" tableau
GM1013 Holy Spirit 6.5" roundel
GM1015 Our Lady of Guadalupe 8 x 14" tableau
GM1023 Our Lady of Guadalupe 6.5" roundel
GM1016 Kazanshaya Icon Blue 7 x 8" tableau (rectangle)
GM1025 Resurrection Victorious 6 x 10" tableau
GM1019 Last Supper 15.25" x 8.25" tableau
GM1021 Monastery Nativity 7 x 9" tableau
GM1014 Flight Into Egypt 6.5" roundel
GM1018 Holy Spirit Tableau 10.5" square
GM1029 Holy Spirit Tableau 7" square
GM1027 Divine Mercy 7 x 9" tableau


Minimum Opening Order: $150.00 and any combination of pieces.

Minimum Reorders: $100 or more. Orders may be placed for a single quantity of one design, provided order is at least $100 or more.

Payment Terms:
Open line Order: Credit Card payment due at time of order to establish credit.
Subsequent Orders: Full payment due 30 after receipt of goods. There is a penalty of 1.5% per month, if payment is past 30 days due.
Shipping: $20.00 for shipping and handling for all orders. If order's shipping cost is 5% greater than include on order form we will call to get approval to increase charge.

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