Glassmasters Collection - Song Birds

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Pheasant Behind the Barn  The Mad Blue Bird Windy Cardinals

 Orioles Bluejays Robins

 Golden Finch Ruby Throated Humming Bird Cardinals

Stock No. Design Appx size
GM2003 Pheasant Behind the Barn 12.5 x 9" tableau
GM1012 Mad Bluebird 6.5" roundel
GM1055 Windy Cardinals 7 x 9" tableau
GM1050 Orioles 6.5" roundel
GM1051 Bluejays 6.5" roundel
GM1052 Robins 6.5" roundel
GM1053 Golden Finches 6.5" roundel
GM1054 Ruby Throated Hummingbirds 6.5" roundel
GM1056 North American Cardinals 6.5" roundel


Minimum Opening Order: $150.00 and any combination of pieces.

Minimum Reorders: $100 or more. Orders may be placed for a single quantity of one design, provided order is at least $100 or more.

Payment Terms:
Open line Order: Credit Card payment due at time of order to establish credit.
Subsequent Orders: Full payment due 30 after receipt of goods. There is a penalty of 1.5% per month, if payment is past 30 days due.
Shipping: $20.00 for shipping and handling for all orders. If order's shipping cost is 5% greater than include on order form we will call to get approval to increase charge.

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