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“ There is nothing else like it in the world! ”

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“OM” — The Sacred Sound

OM Symbol

6.5" roundel NEW!
Design by Carol Hicks
Suggested retail price - $40.00
Minimum advertised price - $39.00

Sounding the tone of "OM" creates a vibrational frequency of harmony in the body. The Sound of the "OM" is the sound of creation and symbolizes the infinite. It connects our inner world to the greater outer and beyond, it aligns our energy and creates a feeling of oneness and expansion. Traditionally spelled O-M, it is pronounced or tone A-U-M, Allowing the sound of each syllable to vibrate within. This can be done consciously feeling the "A" sound in the hear,the"u" sound in the abdomen and "M" sound in the head. Any way you do it — The experience is connection, unity and love.

"The ever present OM, is the pulse of the universe and the source of our whole being."