Holy Spirit by  Louis C. Tiffan

The Holy Spirit Quadrangle
Artist, Glassamsters

Size: 10.5 x 10.5" tableau square
SKU: GM1018
Louis Comfort Tiffany devoted his life to designing dazzling works of art in stained glass. He was a man obsessed with glass and its ability to refocus light into a myriad of radiant beams. In this art work of "The Holy Spirit", the radiance of light passes through the central figure and fills the heavens!

Tiffany reigned as the dominant figure in American decorative arts for more than half a century. Tiffany's enthusiasm for sensuous materials and striking colors found full expression in his stained-glass windows. From 1877 through the 1920s, he and his craftsmen produced thousands of windows for churches, institutions and homes across the United States.

This adaptation of Tiffany's Holy Spirit Window is carefully reproduced by Glassmasters in a quadrangle version of the original round window.

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