The Jupiter Lighthouse

The Jupiter Lighthouse
Artist, Joe Lapierre

Size: 6.5" roundel
SKU: GM1022
About the Lighthouse: The Jupiter Lighthouse is a major icon on the east cost of Florida. Located on the northern bank of the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter Lighthouse Park in the city of Jupiter, you will find the history and romance is rich. The lighthouse commenced operation on July 10, 1860. The majestic red tower reached its preordained height of 108 feet. A circular stairway with 150 treads leads from the base of the tower to the lantern room, where is magnificent first-order Fresnel lens manufactured in Paris by Henry-LePilute was installed. In 1999, archaeologists uncovered shells and pottery fragments in excavations made on the hill near the base of the tower. The artifacts are believed to be remnants of a Native American colony, dating from around 700 AD.

About the Artist: Joe Lapierre, a renown Palm Beach artist loved using the palette knife to create think textures that catch the light and cast shadows on the painting. As light angles change, the piece appears subtly different, creating a dynamic work not just a two-dimensional wall hanging. Joe's death August 4, 2009 revealed the importance of his art work. His plantings can be found in many homes and offices all over the United States and internationally. He felt privileged to do something he loved, painting. The Jupiter Lighthouse Foundation is proud and fortunate to offer this reproduction of the lighthouse in stained glass.