Glassmasters' Song Bird Collection

SKU Design Artist/Designer Size
GM1207 New Eastern Bluebird Ann Fox 7 x 9" tableau
GM1206 New Male Cardinal Ann Fox 7 x 9" tableau
GM2003 Behind the Barn Pheasant Scot Storm 18.5 x 12" tableau
GM2001 Parakeets and Goldfish Louis Comfort Tiffany 9.25 x 13.5" tableau
GM1055 Windy Cardinals John C. Pitcher 7 x 9" tableau
GM1050 Orioles Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1051 Blue Jays Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1052 Robins Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1053 Goldfinch Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1054 Ruby Throated Hummingbird Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1056 North American Cardinals Kevin Daniel 6.5" round
GM1012 Mad Bluebird Michael L. Smith 6.5" round

Glassmasters is world renown for creating stained glass designs of licensed museum artwork and replicas of original stained glass windows. Glassmasters creates collectible and home decor size stained glass panels of the images using a proprietary labor intensive hand craft process.

“There is nothing else like it in the world!”